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Botlivec is a typical karst spring characteristic of the shallow karst of Bela krajina. The water flows from the cave on the edge of the Lahinja valley and flows into the river after 30 m. The source cave with a large entrance opens under a rock wall. After three meters, the ceiling drops and the tunnel along the stream narrows. The cave is accessible in a length of 7 m. At the bottom of the cave is gravel and clay debris.

At medium water levels, the stream has a flow of about 1 l/s and dries up only during prolonged drought. The water hinterland of the stream is represented by Velika loza, a sinkhole plain between Gradac and Geršiči village. Until the construction of the water supply system in 1971, Botlivec was an important local source for Gradac and Geršiči. Around 1936, a concrete barrier was built at the entrance to the cave to hold water, and a trough in front of the cave. Older residents remember that there were organized gatherings and festivities before the spring for the church holidays.

Where to discover

Botlivec is located in the middle of the forest by the river Lahinja between Gradac and Geršiči. If you are traveling on the road Gradac - Metlika, in the direction of Metlika you will see a sign for the settlement Geršiči after about 1.5 km along Gradac. Turn left. Drive straight and after 1 km turn left onto a forest road. Drive straight and after about 800 meters you will reach the turnoff for Botlivec on your right and back. Leave the vehicle along the forest path and continue on foot to the destination.

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