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C-47 Dakota

While driving on the Metlika – Črnomelj road, many people are amazed to see an airplane sitting in the middle of the fields. The real designation for this aircraft is C-47 Dakota and stands here in honor of the partisan airports during World war 2. Bela krajina was a liberated territory for much of that period. Over 800 allied pilots, 2000 women,  children, and elderly were transported from these airports.

The airports, called Piccadilly Hope and Piccadilly Hope A, transported 1473 wounded partisans to Ally hospitals. Thousands of tons of food, clothes, medicine, equipment, weapons, and ammo were delivered. 120 British, Australian, New Zealand, and French prisoners of war were led from the southern Austrian border across German-occupied Slovenia to Bela krajina, 285 km away, in 1944, protected all the way by guerrillas of the Slovene Partisans. The pilots were then transported to Bari in Italy. It was the single largest prison escape in Europe during World war 2. Today it is called The flight of the Crow in honor of Ralph Churches, known as The Crow, the main organizer of the escape.

Where to discover

When traveling on the Metlika – Črnomelj road, towards Črnomelj, when going past Primostek village the airplane will be visible on the left. About 1 km from Primostek turn left toward Otok village. Drive another 400 meters and you will arrive at the airplane. Parking is on the right.

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