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Church of the Virgin Mary Queen of All Saints ruins

The ruins of the Church of the Virgin Mary Queen of All Saints above Komarna vas in the municipality of Semič. The ruins of a branch church stand on top of a slope above the abandoned village. The church was listed in 1741 in Petazzi's visitation as Mary's Church and the old sanctuary of All Saints. A stone building with a square nave, with a three-sided altar space, a semi-domed arch, and a bell tower in front of the main entrance. On the west side of the church are external stairs leading to the choir. The church was covered with shingles. The church burned down in May 1942, according to oral sources, it burned down by accident when partisans dried their clothes by the fire and the fire escaped them.

Where to discover

The remains of the Church of the Virgin Mary, Queen of All Saints, are located in the Municipality of Semič in Komarna vas near Ski center Gače. If you travel along the road from the direction of Dolenjske toplice towards Bela krajina, you will arrive in the village of Črmošnjice. After entering the village you will see a signpost for SC Gače - turn right. Drive just about 5 km to the ski slope and drive on. About 1 km after the ski slope you will reach another crossroads. Turn left onto the gravel road. Drive another 300 m and leave the car by the path in the clearing. Continue on foot up the hill to your left (photo 2). The church is located 200 m up the hill from parking.

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