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Saint Cross chuch

The church of Saint Cross is located above the village of Rožič vrh in the municipality of Črnomelj. It sits at an elevation of 593 m. Today the church is a ruin, with the tower converted into an observation deck, with a view of Planina and Mirna gora. Next to the church, a small cabin was erected by the Mountain society of Črnomelj.

The old church was built by the Gottscheers, German settlers. The area around the church still contains the remains of many houses used by the Gottscheers. Saint cross was largely abandoned before the second world war, as the local Gottscheers population left or was forcibly resettled by the Partisans. The church was stone and wood built on top a hill above Rožič vrh village.

Where to discover

Saint cross is located above the village of Rožič vrh. To get there, while traveling on the Črnomelj-Črmošnjice road to Črnomelj, when you enter the village of Lokve, turn right. When you get under the rainroad viaduct take the second left road. Drive about 2.7 km and then turn left. Drive another 3.4 km on the forest road. There are road sign to the church. When arriving at the location, you will need to leave your car below and then walk about 200 m to the church.

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