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Wild creek

Wild creek which has water flows above Srednje vas near Črmošnjice, has created a very diverse and picturesque stream, full of waterfalls, pools, and rapids on the dominant dolomite stone base. The stream flows most of its flow through the forest. After about 3.5 km of flow with torrential character, it joins Črmošnjičica, which runs towards Dolenjske Toplice.

A unique feature of Wild creek is the excretion of leech. Leech is a sedimentary rock that is extracted from water rich in calcium carbonate. It is deposited on moss and vegetation and creates rapids, waterfalls, and other obstacles in the riverbed. The water that comes to the surface from the original water cave Mašelj contributes to the wateriness of the Wild creek. The creek represents an important habitat for many plant and animal species. Among the most important are stone crayfish and fire salamander. Among the dominant deciduous trees are beech and white hornbeam. In the undergrowth, many herbaceous species grow like pomegranate, big bell, and buttercup.

Where to discover

Wild creek is located in Črmošnjice. When traveling on the Semič-Dolenjske toplice road, towards Dolenjske toplice in the village of Srednja vas, before you get to Črmošnjice there is a road on the right. Look out for a small monument on the right, right after it turn right, and go down the road. After about 600 m you will arrive to the parking space. The study path begins a right before parking before the small bridge over the creek.

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