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Turn castle

The castle was supposedly built in the 14th century. It was first mentioned  in 1463. Today the castle and land were bought by locals. Its land is used mostly for grazing. The complex lies in ruins with minimal maintenance. Below the castle, Podturnščica has its source and which is joined by Obrščica.

Owners of the castle were counts Frankopani and later knights Guraltiči. In the 16th century, the owner was Jakob Strauss, who sold it to the governor of Metlika. After 1550 owners were the Schnitzenbaums. From 1621 the owner was Mihael Benardič. At the end of the 17th century, count Janez Jurij Apfaltrer bought Turn. In 1791 it was bought by Nikolaj Paunovič. In 1841, Matija Primic married widow Ana Fredrik Paunivič and became the owner. He died in 1855, Ana remained the owner but died a year later. Franc Friedau bought the castle. In 1882 the Austrian alpine mining company became the owner. In 1888 Hinko Grunwald was the owner and in 1896 Emanuel Kuhnel. Before the first world war, the castle was abandoned and partly already a ruin.

Where to discover

On the main Črnomelj-Vinica road, there is a road sign for Breznik village. Drive straight, near the incline turn left. The ruins of the castle can be seen even before the turn. After you turn left it is a short drive (~100 m) and you will see the castle.

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