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Spring of Obrščica

Obrščica is contributory to Podturnščica, which has its source barely 500 m away. The water comes out of an approximately 1.5 m long ditch with an overhanging wall. The water then directly flows to a shallow depression about 70 m long.

At dry season the flow at the spring is reduced to about 3 l/s, which is in contrast to wet periods when the maximum flow can reach 1000 l/s.  In the past Obrščica was an important source of drinking water for the local population as well as cattle. With the construction of the main water supply, Obrščica lost its former role as a provider of drinking water.  It has since become an important part of local natural history.  When the spring was dammed a  wetland was formed and an important habitat for many rare animals and plants was created.

Where to discover

Spring of Obrščica is located behind the village of Obrh pri Dragatušu. When driving on the main Črnomelj-Vinica road heading towards Vinica there is a sign for Obrh pri Dragatušu. Follow the sign towards the village. Right before the village turn right and drive for about 150 m. Follow the road between the houses and at the end turn right. Parking is visible at the end of the road before the meadows.

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