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Vidovec cave

This cave is located below the village of Božakovo. Together with the karst cave Zdenc, they form the Vidovec – Zdenc cave system. Vidovec is one of the longest water caves in Bela krajina. It was formed by Vidovec stream just a few meters below the surface. Entrance into the cave is strictly forbidden without cavers!

The entrance to the cave is located below the rocky bottom, behind which the entrance hall opens. From here, only a few meters wide water tunnel continues with a shallow underground channel. The lathe is cut into the loam. The trench is extremely dynamic and difficult to pass in places. It flows in the direction of the Zdenc cave. After 270 meters, it ends with a siphon. The cave is dominated by bare, erosion-treated walls.

Where to discover

Vidovec Cave is located below the village of Božakovo in the municipality of Metlika. If you are driving along the Gradac - Metlika road when arriving at the traffic lights in Metlika drive straight for about 100 meters. You will see a signpost for Božakovo, turn right, and drive straight. When crossing the railway crossing in the village of Rosalnice, turn towards Božakovo. Drive straight for about 3 km through the villages of Radoviči and Želebej. When you arrive at Božakovo, drive straight. After about 600 m, a small signpost for the Karst Cave Zdenc and the Vidovec Cave will be visible on your right. Turn right onto the forest road. Keep right. The location of the cave is located about 100 m lower. Due to the difficult terrain, we recommend leaving your car at the top and walking to the cave.

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