Karst cave Jewish house

Karst cave Jewish house (Judovska hiša) was carved in limestone by Krupa rivers predecessor. It can be located behind the village of Moverna vas in the forest above the river Krupa. Archaeological digs in 1960, 1985 and 1987 have revealed it was inhabited in the Palaeolithic. It is the first such discovery in Bela Krajina. Bone remnants belonging to various mammals and birds were found.

For dating the Alpine marmot was especially important since the layer dates back to the Pleistocene. Culturally the stone tools were important. All the finds can be viewed in Semič regional museum and Bela krajina's museum in Metlika. The cave is a protected site and a natural monument. Every Christmas the locals recreate the Nativity scene from the Bible. There are also sculptures on display and live music.


What to do

  • The path to the karst cave Jewish house gives a scenic view of Krupa river,

  • when crossing the bridge the remains of a mill can be seen,

  • sit and relax on the benches near the cave,

  • enter the cave freely,

  • respect signs and other instructions.


Where to discover

Castle Krupa is located in Stranska vas a village on the Semič-Gradac road. When traveling from Semič to Gradac, the castle is located on the right after the village ends. There is no parking available near the main road, but there is a spot reserved on the back road. When traveling on the main road, before the village ends turn left until you get to the parking space. From there you can walk to the castle.

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