Močile pond

Močile (pronounced Moch-ii-le) is a small pond near Stari trg village. It is part of the Regional Park Kolpa in the municipality of Črnomelj. The pond is a protected area. It is an important habitat for many animal and floral species. The water level can vary during.

The water level can rise significantly during the rainy season. During the dry season, the water level can drop substantially; this is because the pond is supplied only with surface water. Next to the pond, there is a large Tilia tree measuring 166 cm in circumference and over 16 meters in height. This tree is protected as a natural heritage location. You can freely walk around the pond. There are fish in the pond as well as water lilies and other water-based grasses. The local population maintains the area.


Where to discover

Močile pond is located next to the Vinica – Stari trg road. When traveling to Stari trg from Vinica, about 200 meters before entering Stari trg turn right from the main road onto the small gravel road. The pond is located there. Leave your car near the benches. The pond is about 30 meters down.