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Kozice viewpoint

Kozice viewpoint is about 716 m above sea level and lies above Poljanska valley and offers a picturesque view of the entire valley and Bela krajina. Near the viewpoint, there is a radio and tv transmitter.

While technically Kozice viewpoint lies in Kočevski rog, a region west of Bela krajina, it offers an impressive view of Bela krajina. Poljanska valley is an 8 km long and up to 4 km wide valley. On a clear day, the viewing distance can be over 15 km. In the valley below lies Kolpa river, the 118 km border river between Slovenia on the left and Croatia on the right.

Where to discover

To get to Kozice viewpoint you need to be on the Stari trg-Predgrad road. When you get to Predgrad village turn left at the small chapel and drive straight. When the asphalt road ends drive on the forest road for about 5 km. Follow the signs that have the “RTV oddajnik” with a small car on them. Drive carefully.

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