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Karst cave Zdenc

Zdenc cave is one of the most beautiful water resources in Bela krajina. At the entrance, there is a renovated water capture, outdoor wash, water trough, and a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. Behind the entrance, a 78 m long cave was formed by an underground tributary of the Vidovec stream. The underground tunnel is only a few meters wide. Visiting the cave is only possible if accompanied by cavers!

The entire Vidovec – Zdenc cave system consists of karst caves Zdenc and Vidovec and the stream Vidovec. The stream has all the characteristics of a typical Karst sinking river. The stream is located on the marl aquifers below Drašiči village. The Zdenc cave, also called the Božakova cave, has a permanent spring. Its depth is about 3m. The total length of the cave is about 155 m.

Where to discover

The Zdenc cave is located below the village of Božakovo in the municipality of Metlika. If you are driving along the Gradac - Metlika road, when arriving at the traffic lights in Metlika drive strait for about 100 meters. You will see a signpost for Božakovo, turn right and drive straight. When crossing the railway crossing in the village of Rosalnice, turn towards Božakovo. Drive straight for about 3 km through the villages of Radoviči and Želebej. When you arrive at Božakovo, drive slowly. You will see a signpost for Drašiči on your left. Turn here. After about 300 m, turn right onto the forest path and then left immediately. The cave is located about 100 meters lower.

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