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Karst cave Malikovec

Malikovec is a small karst cave with a maximum depth of 28 meters. The entire cave tunnel system is about 80 meters long. The cave is accessible by an oblique floor. The central area of the cave is where the cave hall is located.  Its size is 30 by 15 meters and opens with a ceiling pit.

On the southern end of the cave hall is a 15-meter long horizontal tunnel that ends with a pit. Groundwater is at the bottom. Kart cave Malikovec is in the hinterland of the Krupa river. It was primarily formed by local underground waterways and secondarily by corrosion. In the past, the cave was heavily polluted but in 1994 it was cleaned up and appropriately equipped to receive visitors. The area around the cave was also redone and a small educational park with info-tables was established. Here you can learn about various trees and bushes.

Where to discover

Karst cave Malikovec is located near the villages of Lipovec and Pugled in the municipality of Semič. When driving off the main Semič – Ručetna vas road towards Semič, on your right you will see a sign for Pugled village. Turn here. Drive about 700 meters until you get to a small crossroad with gravel roads on both sides. Turn right. Karst cave Malikovec is located about 50 meters from here. You can park near the gravel road.

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