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Žagarce bridge

The bridge over river Lahinja below the village of Čudno selo is not well known but offers the same breathtaking views and green scenery that Bela Krajina is known to have. The bridge is concrete and wood and is only traversable on foot or bicycle. It leads to a long meadow at the river bank and a small cabin on Lahinja's left bank.

Lahinja is very shallow here and the long water-based grasses can populate much of the water. The left bank is more or less flat and the grass is regularly cut for hay. The right bank is mostly forest and more difficult to walk. Right before the bridge, a small dam was created to slow down Lahinja even more and to raise its surface, since Lahinja is a very »lazy« river with and low flow. Fishermen come here frequently because of the flat land on the left bank. The bushes on the river banks create a good habitat for fish, combined with the small dam and you have a unique habitat for many species of fish, insects, and other animals.

Where to discover

Getting to the bridge can be a little bit tricky. When traveling from Črnomelj on the Črnomelj-Griblje road go past the village of Čudno selo and continue. At the crossroad for Desinec village, stick to the left and drive for another 500 m. There you will see a small forest road leading down. This is the road to the bridge. Be careful while driving down the forest road so you do not damage your car!

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