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Obrh in Metlika

Obrh originates in a deep valley below the old city center of Metlika. The water flows from a 33 m long and 9 m deep siphon. Before the water supply was built the site was where the locals washed their clothes and gathered drinking water. The vicinity of the old city center meant that it was a meeting point and a center of city life and information.​

Obrh stream is a left tributary to the Kolpa river. In the dryest seasons, the average water flow can drop significantly. Before the town's water supply was built in 1935, Obrh was the public washroom. Evidence of a concrete washer a few meters long can be seen at the spring. This washer is more than 200 years old. Today water is pumped to a reservoir above Metlika at an average rate of about 28 liters per second. In 2018 the entire area was restored and preserved. Information panels were added as well as benches. A small bridge over Obrh was also reconstructed. Metlika's castle can be seen towering over the entire area.

Where to discover

Obrh is located near the old town center in Metlika. When arriving in Metlika from Črnomelj drive straight for about 900 meters. When you see the Bela krajina hotel turn right and drive up the narrow street. Drive for about 100 meters then turn left to Partisan square. Drive another 100 meters and park your vehicle. From your parking place walk forward and hold right. Look for the blue sign that says »Vodni vir Obrh«. Head down the road, you should see the spring soon on your right.

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