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Partisan hospital Zgornji Hrastnik

Built just below the summit, it was the first medical post to built in Kočevski Rog. In Autumn 1943 only two huts were built – two dormitories and an outdoor kitchen. Until the end of the war, eight buildings were erected. The hospital was accessible through an old log and a trail leading to a narrow path. The hospital and cemetery are protected as monuments of national importance.

In December 1943, Dr. Janez Milčinski became head of the hospital and immediately started its expansion. Under his leadership the hospital specialised in dealing with seriously wounded and major surgical procedures.  The first new hut was the operating hut, called »aseptic«. It has a operating table and iz became a model for future hospitals in Rog. The hut has two corner windows that enabled more daylight during operating procedures. With the construction of the »aseptic« the aseptic and septic surgery were separated fort he first time in Partisan hospitals. In late February 1944 a new hut for the wounded was built with a minor operating room. In less that a year and a half more that 400 wounded, most of them gravely, were treated there. Of the wounded 69 died and were buried in the nearby cemetary.

Where to discover

Zgornji Hrastnik Hospital is located in Kočevski Rog. If you are traveling on the Podturn - Črmošnjice road, towards Črmošnjice, turn right towards Komarna vas. Drive about 3.5 km to the Gače ski resort and continue on to Komarna vas. Drive about 1.3 km then turn right and after 20 m left onto the gravel road, follow the signpost to Baza 20. After 1.5 km, turn left. Drive another 1.5 km. At the intersection, you will see an info board for Partisan hospitals in Kočevski rog. Leave the car here and continue on foot. After 100 m a graveyard will be visible to your right. The hospital is located 200 m ahead.

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