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Radenski pond

The pond is an ellipsoid shape measuring 21 x 19 m. On the northeastern end of the pond, there is a concrete sink. Another name for this pond is Radenska luža (Radenska puddle). Near the pond, there is a game feedstock. The pond is partly surrounded by a forest and is listed on the Natura 2000 protected list.

In the past, the pond was heavily polluted and as a consequence, the water quality was very low. Today the situation has improved drastically. There is a mini-study path around the pond, where the visitor can test their knowledge of trees and bushes. Radenski pond represents an important wet habitat for various animal species. Various grasses grow in the pond. Water lilies are the most prominent flora. Near the pond, there is a cabin, owned and operated by the local hunting society.

Where to discover

When traveling on the Vinica-Stari trg road, towards Vinica, about 3 km from the crossroad for Stari trg and Vinica look for a small chapel on the left. There is a sign that says »Radenski kal«. Turn on the forest gravel road and drive for about 150 m. You will arrive at the hunting cabin. The pond is on the right of the road.

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