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Lookout cliff under Markova glava

Markova glava is a hill in the municipality of Semič with an altitude of 755 meters above the Črmošnjiška valley. In the immediate vicinity of Markova glava there is a lookout cliff where you can see the entire Črmošnjiška valley and many villages in Bela krajina and Dolenjska region. Under the lookout cliff, you can see Srednja vas with the church of Sv. Philip in Jacob. Above it the only ski resort in Bela Krajina and Dolenjska - Gače.

The view straight from the cliff shows the so-called Globoka dolina (Eng: Deep Valley). If we look along the valley to the right, we can see Črmošnjice. But the view goes even further. The settlement of Podturn near Dolenjske toplice in the Dolenjska region and other smaller villages can be seen. If the weather is clear the Julian Alps are also visible from the lookout cliff. Looking from the lookout cliff to the left, the Bela Krajina plain is partially visible on the horizon.

Where to discover

If you are traveling on the road Črnomelj - Črmošnjice in the direction of Črmošnjice, then turn right from the sign Semič towards Uršni sela. After about 800 meters, turn left onto a forest road. Drive straight for about 3.3 km. At the fork, turn left towards Ašelice. After about 750 m you will reach a fork for the old Gottscheer village Ašelice. Continue straight. After about 500 m you will reach the end of the forest road. Leave the car here. The trail continues on foot. After about 30 m, take the path to the right and walk up the hill towards the lookout cliff. It is located about 10 minutes away.

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