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Prilozje ponds

Behind the village of Prilozje there are three ponds that are connected to each other. Today the central and eastern ponds are used for breeding fish, mostly carp, tench, crucian carp, common bream, etc. The west pond is left to its own natural processes and represents an important natural habitat for many endangered and rare species.

The ponds used to belong to lordship in Gradac castle and were mentioned as early as 1824. The wetlands are a quiet area where observations of birds, pond turtles, dragonflies, and other animals can be held. The pond turtle is of particular interest because it is on the endangered species list and is the only autochthonous turtle in Slovenia. Because of the pond turtle's endangered status, all the ponds are included in the Natura 2000, the European network for protected areas. The pond is owned by the Fishing society of Metlika. Fishing is available from the end of May to September. The area is also accessible to persons with disabilities. There is a path leading around the pond.

Where to discover

Village of Prilozje is located in the municipality of Metlika, with Gradac being the largest nearest settlement. When traveling towards Metlika, on the Gradac-Metlika road, before the end of Gradac, turn right towards Prilozje airport. Drive for about 2 km. Look for the sign for “Letališče Prilozje” and turn right there. Drive for about 1 km and then turn left at the sign for “Ribnik Prilozje”. Drive for another 300 m while holding right. At the last right turn, the ponds should be visible as well as the parking space.

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