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Sinji vrh pond

Sinji vrh is a village located above Suha dolina (Eng: Dry valley) in the municipality of Črnomelj. Behind the village, there is a small pond with a stone bottom - a rarety in Bela krajina. The nearby water from a fountain is collected in a reservoir and only the excess supplies the pond. The pond represents an important habitat for many animal species and is a protected area.

The pond can be represented as three areas. The first is the pond itself, with its stone bottom and barrier. Here the villagers used to wash clothes, gather drinking water and water for animals. The second part of the pond is located above the pond, this is where the Chapel of Mary with Saint Bernard Lurško is located. It was built in 1936. The third level is where the reservoir is located. It was built in 1884. Pipes leading to the village were also laid. After this only when the reservoir was full, the water started to fill the pond. Water from the pond subsidies underground after about 100 meters from the pond.

Where to discover

Sinji vrh is located in the Municipality of Črnomelj, on the main Vinica - Stari trg road. The pond itself is located behind the village. When entering the village, if driving from Vinica to Stari trg, at the church, turn right into the village and then proceed left. Drive about 300 m. At the end of the village turn left onto the forest road. Drive for another 50 m and you will arrive at the pond. Drive carefully on the forest road. Alternatively, you can leave your car before turning left and walk to the pond.

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