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Three parishes

The three parishes (Slo.: Tri fare) are located in the village of Rosalnice near Metlika. The church complex is consists of three Gothic churches and it is enclosed by a high churchyard wall. The churches stand side by side. The southern church is dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes, the norther church to Our Lady of Sorrows and the central church is dedicated to Ecce homo (Behold the Man) and is the only one to have a bell tower.

Due to missing historical documents, the history of the complex is still unclear. Some sources suggest that the churches were built by Knights Templar in the second half of the 12th century. Rosalnice village was first mentioned in 1490, but the site of the churches was mentioned in 1228. The origin of the churches has many theories. One suggests they were founded in the 13th century, the other says around 1093. The northern church is the largest and likely the oldest. The central church was probably built near the end of the 15th. The southern church was first mentioned in 1689 but does not exclude the possibility that the church was built before 1400. For more information click here.

Where to discover

Three parishes are located in the village of Rosalnice near Metlika. When driving on the Gradac – Metlika road, when arriving at the intersection with traffic lights, head strait. After about 100 meters turn right, you should see the sign for Rosalnice. Drive strait until you arrive at the rail crossing. There turn left. Drive another 600 meters. At the crossroad turn right. After about 50 meters you will arrive at the parking space.

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