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Vodenica is the biggest and deepest karst sinkhole on the Karst study trail from Lebica to Krupa. It lies in the forest behind the village of Brstovec. A small stone wall was built around the spring. The spring was used as a drinking source for the nearby population. Vodenica holds water even in the driest seasons.

For many years Vodenica was used as a source of drinking water for the local population but lost its role when plumbing became available. I was particularly popular because the spring does not dry out even in the driest seasons and holds a steady temperature throughout the year. The water from Vodenica travels in underground streams to the Krupa river. Vodenica provides an important habitat for many bugs, snails, worms, and other animals. The entire valley is damp all year long.

Where to discover

Karst spring Vodenica is located in the forest behind the village of Brstovec. To get there in Stranska vas turn towards Vinji vrh, when you enter the village hold to the right and head towards the church of Saint Trinity.  Drive past the church onto the forest road. After about 1 km, on the left, you should see a small info panel for Vodenica, park here.  Walk the rest of the way towards Brstovec. After about 200 m a small table with an arrow for Vodenica will be seen and point down the valley. Vodenica is located another 150 m down the path.

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