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Kržunc lies in the forest between Radovica and Krašnji vrh villages in the municipality of Metlika. The spring once served as a watering place and washing area for nearby residents, as evidenced by well-preserved concrete troughs. Kržunc lost its significance with the construction of the water supply network.

The water from the spring flows forward along a shallow riverbed and sinks into the ground about 25 m away from the concrete troughs. In the vicinity of Kržunc is the Turine stream, which once served as a source of drinking water and once operated a mill. Kržunc is part of a shorter mountain trail from Radovica to Krašnji vrh. The mountain trail leads past the pond and spring Orehovec to the lookout tower on Krašnji vrh from which there is a view of Bela krajina.

Where to discover

If you are traveling on the Črnomelj – Metlika road driving towards Metlika, then at the traffic light head straight into the center of Metlika. Drive past the health center on the right and the hotel on the left. About 250 m further turn sharply right towards Radovica. Drive straight 1.8 km. At the intersection, you will see a signpost for Radovica. Turn left. Drive about 5 km, through Slamna vas. When you arrive in Radovica, at the cemetery, you will see a signpost for Krašnji vrh Lookout Tower, turn left and drive straight through. After 700 m you will pass by a football court. Drive straight and after 350 m turn right onto a macadam path. Drive another 500 m to the parking spot. Continue through the forest. Kržunc is located about 200 m ahead.

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